December 7, 2007 I love San Francisco! Now, there are not many places on earth that can draw such an immediate response from me. But this is certainly one of them. I’m here for a couple of days, visiting our local office and team as well as meeting a very well known biotech company out here in the valley, who we’re discussing a re-branding project with. Our office here is on the 21st floor of a very centrally located building, close to Union Square. The view is to die for. Well, actually the thought had run through my brain, what if there’s an earthquake? Don’t these people lie awake at night worrying about ‘the next big one’ and the fact that their very prime piece of real estate could easily be relocated into the pacific at any moment? Well, the funny thing is, the place is so hypnotic, you kind of end up thinking, ah well, it probably won’t happen – just yet. And even if it did, this is one great view…San Francisco has this effect. A quick sample of life since July when Dowell//Stubbs joined the Gyro Network. Been to London (5 times), New York (4 times), California (twice), Las Vegas (en route somewhere – but what an experience – slot machines at an airport!) and Gstaad in Switzerland for the management meeting (where the management team was encouraged to ‘jump’ off a 500 foot cliff with the aid of a very thin rope – not joking ) and finally Azerbaijan! Is Gyro truly international? You bet! In that time I’ve worked on projects involving cell phones, water, cancer diagnostics, diesel fuels, run a biotech seminar and we’ve even managed to move office in Stockholm. Not bad for the first five months I guess. But we’ve only just begun. Dowell//Stubbs has now fully integrated into Gyro Scandinavia and we’re already looking at the next steps when it comes to the branding side of our global business. Building strong, vibrant brands that really connect with people has never been more important in our digital world. We have some really exciting plans in the pipeline, and within the next few weeks we’ll be able to reveal more of what we’re thinking. As I’ve said before, watch this space! Buy Windows 7 Ultimate Discount Buy Windows 7 Ultimate Sale Windows 7 Ultimate Order Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection Buy Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection Order Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus Order Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus Order Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus