A recent report released by ExactTarget and CoTweet found two primary reasons why consumers ‘like’ brands on Facebook: for discounts and as a ’social badge.’ Nearly 40% of Facebook users become fans to receive discounts and promotions, while 39% do so to demonstrate their support for a particular brand to their friends – this is in contrast to the 23% of respondents who follow brands on Twitter, and the 10% that subscribe to e-mail notifications for the same reasons. facebook-chart.png Some other findings from the report include: * 43% of the Facebook users surveyed said they Like at least one brand * 34% of Facebook users say they Like brands in order to stay informed about company activities * 33% say they Like brands to get updates on future products * Among Facebook users who Like at least one brand, only 17% say they’re more likely to buy after Liking that brand on Facebook We walked away with the observation that ‘like’ is not necessarily immediately attributable to ‘buy’ – it’s just that – liking, engaging, and wanting to associate yourself with a brand. ‘Like’ is not permission to bombard your fans with a monologue of self-serving communication, but an opportunity to give them more content and valuable reasons by which to further ’show off’ their affiliation. They’re already ‘liking’ you as a social badge – so give them additional reason to want to wear that badge by giving them content, information, utility or entertainment that they will in turn want to share and further associate themselves with. Order Windows 7 Ultimate Discount Discount Cheap Windows 7 Ultimate Order Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection Order Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus Discount Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus Order Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus