I was stranded for a day in the UK on Monday, and saw first-hand London in ‘crisis’. I’m not talking about the current economic woes, but…snow. Now living in Sweden I’ve become pretty comfortable with large amounts of the cold, white stuff, and being in London on Monday, came as a bit of a shock. I’d forgotten how badly organised we Brits can be sometimes. The whole city, ten million people, came to a grinding halt, despite several days warning of cold weather. London Mayor Boris Johnson made a wonderful TV appearance early Monday morning to calm the nations capital. In a reference to the last great snowfall Britain had had 19 years earlier, when the nations entire train system was brought to its knees by ‘the wrong sort of snow’ (what’s the right sort?) Boris said ‘well, this time it’s the right sort of snow, just too much of it’! What can you say… However I have to admit London was at it’s charming best. A sort of ‘Dunkirk spirit’ prevailed with people saying things like ‘never mind, have a cup of tea, it’ll all be alright’ etc. and grown adults in the streets were having snowball fights. It made me think. I had the distinct impression that people are sick and tired of thinking about the world’s current economic worries and recession, and simply wanted a day off to enjoy themselves again! Enjoying ourselves is what gives us a feeling of real living, and when people feel that they tend to spend money. Not a bad thing at the moment. Buy Windows 7 Ultimate Buy Windows 7 Ultimate Discount Discount Cheap Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection Discount Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection Cheap Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus Buy Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus Cheap Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus