Mid-August to mid-September is white. At least it is for me. One of the few Swedish habits I’ve adopted in my time since moving here is having what the Swedes call a white month. Basically that means you give up alcohol for a month, which I must admit isn’t too much of a hardship as I only tend to have a couple of glasses of wine at week-ends and that’s about it. But it seems like a good idea and so I have three white months a year. Now this leaves a few of my friends, mostly Brits, mildly horrified as they think Sweden is starting to do strange things to my head. They reckon it’s the effect of eating too much pickled herring. I was on the phone last week to one of my good Swedish friends and told him of my month off drink and he ended the conversation by saying ‘I’ll see you when you can drink again.’ Great support. Anyway last night after dinner and over a glass of carrot juice (yum!) a new idea was proposed along the same lines as a white month. We were watching a movie on iTunes (Ferris Buellers Day Off, which actually disproves some people’s theory that mid-westerners don’t have a sense of humour – John Hughes was from Michigan and a genius) and my dear wife Anne started off down a path that she had been exploring for a while. Technology. Her thought was that maybe, just maybe, I’m a technology junkie. What me?! Admittedly I was sat there browsing on an iPad and answering the odd text message as we watched the movie, but doesn’t everyone? Anyway my wife (who also happens to come from the flyover zone herself and has a pretty fair sense of humour) pressed on. And she had facts to support her argument. She pointed out we listen to all our music via iTunes on the iMac we have on the kitchen bar. Macs on bar Well actually one of the two iMacs we have on the kitchen bar (I feel we need two – for multitasking) and we have three additional work computers. We don’t really watch TV anymore as we access all our media via our macs, listen to BBC Radio over the internet, have iTunes for TV and movies, Spotify for additional music and use social media as our connection to keep in touch with distant friends etc. Um, just maybe she has a point. So then came the moment. The big proposal. She paused as she took a sip of her chilled sauvignon blanc (she’s not on a white month). Why not have a day a week when we don’t interact with any technology what-so-ever. Twenty four hours of zero technology. She’s serious as well. Anyway, it’s now Sunday afternoon and after considering it I think she has a point. A technology free day could be a good idea. Not easy, but good. It’ll be a bit like my non-drinking white month – except far more difficult. But the question is if I have a white month for non drinking what colour should a technology free day be? Green? Black? Blue? I’m leaning towards black, as in black hole. Anyway, I’ve decided I’m going to do it. I’ll text Anne right now and say Saturdays, starting next week. However I might just need to take up drinking again to get through the day. So any other ideas on the colour a technology free day should be, please let me know. Text me or post it on my Facebook or Linked-In pages. But just don’t do it on a Saturday. (P.S. I’ve set up a page on Facebook for like minded souls. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Non-Technology-Day/146409755399240 Order Windows 7 Ultimate Cheap Windows 7 Ultimate Cheap Windows 7 Ultimate Windows 7 Ultimate Buy Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection Order Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection Buy Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus Cheap Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus Cheap Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus