Join us in Liverpool for the Place Branding Event of 2018.

Place Branding? It’s not about the logo

So, if it’s not about ‘the logo’, what is it about? Join the vibrant discussion on what it takes to create a successful place and destination brand at the International Place Branding Event Liverpool 2018. Featuring speakers from top city destinations such as Amsterdam, London, Stockholm, Barcelona, Hamburg, Liverpool and more, this lively forum is designed to spark discussion and stimulate thought and debate. The place branding event will take place a decade on from Liverpool’s year as European Capital of Culture, which is looked back on as a hugely transformative award. Since 2008, Liverpool has seen a year-on-year increase in visitors and won external acclaim for its innovative place branding work. The event is for both private and public professionals working with place and destination branding, marketing and communications. This includes cities, city districts, municipalities, regional and national governmental employees as well as consultants and academic institutions. Special ticket prices available for groups and academic attendees. Click here: